Study abroad dilinghua phenomenon cited concern about risks a lot of people in the fall

Study abroad dilinghua phenomenon cited concern about risks: a lot of people in the "fallen" dilinghua phenomenon cited concern hidden: many people in the "fallen" source: Ji’nan daily with the TV series "farewell" hit, let the children to accept what the education sparked. One of the most concerned about the parents is not to send their children to school after graduating from junior high school, to create a new generation of small returnees". According to statistics from the Ministry of education, from 1978 to the end of 2015, China’s cumulative number of students studying abroad up to 4 million 42 thousand and 100 people. Among them, the number of study abroad in 2015 reached 523 thousand and 700, an increase of 13.9% over 2014, an increase of 63 thousand and 900, while the younger students have accounted for more than half. Why dilinghua more generally? What are the effects of this kind of education on family? Whether to adapt to the development of children? How high is the cost of studying abroad? The congregation raised the topic was released, many people and readers have been calls on their side of the story and the international view on studying younger age. [] phenomenon in the younger students by parents favor at the beginning of September, Chinese youth daily social investigation center through the network questionnaire, a survey of 2001 parents, 54.6% of parents want to send their children abroad, 4.3% of the parents have to send their children abroad, 40.5% of parents are preparing to send their children abroad. 35.5% of parents do not intend to send their children abroad. According to the investigation of "China international net development report China and globalization think-tank, the latest release of" (2015), compared with 2012, 2015 at home and abroad to university to finish high school students decreased from 61% to 44%, the proportion of students abroad in high school has risen from 17% to 27%. More than 1/3 students plan to go abroad in high school or preparatory and language schools, study abroad dilinghua is becoming a trend. More and more parents agree. Study group of parents Ms. Zheng has the idea but still waiting to see Ms. Zheng’s children this year to become a third grade students, will soon usher in the exam. "Although I go to school when society is said to alleviate the burden on students, but now my children still face a heavy academic burden." Ms. Zheng told reporters, and now the children sometimes learn to nearly 12 points in the evening, can obviously feel the child does not adapt to this learning environment, let alone the pressure on the high school. So Ms. Zheng and her husband is planning to send their children abroad to study. "Now we have not discussed with the child, because as parents, we just have such an idea, before determining or not let the child distraction good." MS Cheng told reporters that he and her husband that children can enjoy high quality education and relaxed learning environment in a foreign country, but the children sent abroad resistance is not small, the first is that we could not bear children, if the child does not adapt to the The loss outweighs the gain.. "And the old man at home is very much against it." "Now I have joined a lot of parents to form a study group, I have to spend two or three hours a day相关的主题文章: