Thanks to the high sales of large and medium real estate business lying on the history of the sweets parade

Thanks to the sales high   large and medium-sized real estate business book lying on the history of the most cash – Finance – original title: thanks to sales of medium-sized real estate business innovation tall book lying on the history of the most cash pictures. Wu Zhenguo, Hongkong, August (Reuters) – 31 (Reuters) real estate developers who seem to usher in their good year. Prior to this, they have not been so abundant cash. In the continuous record sales and easy credit environment, some of the larger real estate book now lay large sums of cash resources, which makes them in the land, the M & a market have more right to speak, or will be used to improve the balance sheet and the shareholders. Recently disclosed in the first half of the operating results of large and medium real estate business data show that as of the end of 6 the company’s cash reserves are the best level in recent years. Yesterday held a performance conference in Hongkong, China ( disclosure, the company’s cash balance at the end of the first half of the more than 40 billion yuan, compared with the end of the year by nearly half. It has also become the best year for cash. With the financial record will be held on the same day Hengda Group ( announced the end of the first half of the company in the hands of more than 210 billion yuan in cash. Prior to the release of the interim results of China’s overseas development ( also has more than 100 billion yuan in cash resources. SUNAC Chinese executive director and chief executive officer Wang Mengde said the company control of cash flow has been relatively strict, the company always will ensure strong cash resources to withstand market risks, and enable the company to get good at the right time to land. Wang Mengde said that the financial record China substantial growth in cash resources mainly from sales, cash back through the sales made proportion is expected to more than 80%. In the first half, the amount of China’s financial sales of about 56 billion 50 million yuan, compared with the same period last year doubled. Operating income grew 94.5% to $10 billion 586 million. The company expects annual sales of more than 110 billion yuan. Industry sources said, these large and medium-sized real estate developers cash balances will mean that they can have more initiative in the market, from mergers and acquisitions of smaller companies and land to cut the debt and this is not the only one. The question is how they will use the funds. Wang Mengde said in answer to a reporter’s question, the financial crisis will be guaranteed absolute cash flow under the premise of absolute security, looking for suitable land investment opportunities. He said that the company will not set specific targets to take, but to ensure a steady cash flow situation, according to changes in the market to seize some opportunities. According to Wang Mengde revealed that the first half of China rongchuang through acquisitions or equity forms of cooperation with the proportion reached 2/3, the acquisition of the mature project to quickly upgrade the Chinese financial record sales amount plays an important role. He said that these high-quality land reserves will be released in the next few years, is expected to boost the profitability of the company. Plenty of cash is also a way for China to meet debt相关的主题文章: