The Basics For Student Visas To Australia-tonya mitchell

UnCategorized Australia’s school system is acclaimed amongst the best in the world. Aside from being able to obtain a world-class education, the opportunity to live and be employed in one of the world’s most vibrant economies beckons many to .e and study to Australia. In order to be able to study in Australia, one must have obtained a student visa to the country. There are specific visa requirements for students to be able to attend school in Australia. The following are the subclasses of student visas to Australia. a)Subclass 570. This visa is for Independent ELICOS students studying in Australia. ELICOS is the English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students, which is a stand-alone course offered Down Under. b)Subclass 571. This visa subclass is for international students undertaking a study course at a primary or secondary school, including junior secondary or senior secondary school through an approved secondary student exchange program. c)Subclass 572. This visa subclass is for vocational education and training schools that issue Certificate I, II, III and IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma educational institutions. d)Subclass 573. This visa subclass is for international students seeking to attend higher education institutions in the country that provide Bachelors degree, Associate degree, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters Degree by course work courses. e)Subclass 574. This visa subclass is for international students for postgraduate research degrees, such as Masters degree by research and Doctoral degrees in the many universities throughout Australia. f)Subclass 575. This visa subclass is for international students that cover foundation, bridging or other courses that do not have a degree, diploma or other formal degree award at its end. g)Subclass 576. This visa subclass is for international students that are AusAID or Defence program sponsored. This means that the individual student is sponsored by the Australian government for full time study in the country. The following are the formal requisites to qualify for a student visa to Australia. 1)the individual applicant is of good moral character; 2)the individual applicant is of good and sound health; 3)the individual applicant is covered with an acceptable insurance coverage through the Overseas Student Health Cover for the applicant as well as members of the family that would be ac.panying the visa applicant to Australia; 4)the individual applicant does not have outstanding debts to the .monwealth of Australia or has made arrangements to repay the debt acceptable to the Minister; 5)the individual applicant is under eighteen years of age and has acceptable arrangements for ac.modation, financial support and general welfare readily available for the study time in Australia. There are new requirements that have just recently been announced for applicants for a student visa to Australia. One of them is the listing of acceptable banking institutions that would submit acceptable financial documentation for student visa requirement .pliance. Another requirement would be submission of a copy of the electronic confirmation of the enrollment certificate from the educational institution where the proposed study would be undertaken. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: