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Software Data security is an important issue for any business and in this age of information technology, access to confidential information is quite easy if proper security measures are not adopted. Employee monitoring software covers one aspect of this security issue and takes care of some others that are related to the employees in the .pany. It helps the business to grow by allowing you to concentrate on the more important problems concerning your business. Network monitoring is a great tool to have especially when the number of employees is too large and physical supervision of each employee is not possible. Secure Your Data Network activity monitor lets the .pany track the files and websites that an employee has visited in the recent past. An employee might accidently fall prey to scams on the internet which can affect the .pany and result in financial loss. Intellectual property rights, .pliance and ethical issues can also be dealt with if network .puter monitoring is enabled in your workplace. It helps you to tackle both purposeful and accidental attempts by your employees and outsiders to malign the integrity and reputation of your organization. Increase Productivity with Employee Monitoring Software Your employees are human beings after all and anybody can get distracted even while they are at work. Checking emails and social networking sites is a major distraction for most people. It affects not only the employees productivity but that of the entire team. Network monitoring helps to keep these distractions at bay by blocking all access to them. There are people who even watch TV episodes and other videos during work hours cutting down productivity by a considerable percentage. If access to websites cannot be denied, then allowing you to see the data that your employee views there, is the next best option. External Data Storage Systems External memory devices .e in all sizes and shapes and can be easily taken in by an employee when he or she reports for work. These small hard drives can hold immense amounts of data and can easily create problems if the employee leaks valuable information or business plans. Network .puter monitoring is a sure shot way to keep all these problems in check. It allows you to view all the activity based on each employee or a department on a whole, allowing you have unprecedented control over them. .work activity monitor offer these advantages and more, considerably reducing your legal risks in the long run. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: