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Internet-and-Business-Online In this article we hope to give you information to help you decide on the best blogging platform to work from home online. There are many options and there are pros and cons to keep im mind. One of your first decisions to make is if you’ll have a hosted platform or a non hosted platform. For example if your blog is with Blogger than your blog is hosted on the Blogger server making it a hosted platform. However if is your blogging platform than you’ll have a third party host your blog. This would make it a non hosted platform. So here are the pros and cons of each starting with a Hosted site: You can get up and running quickly with a hosted blog. This enables you to get started without spending little or any money. That’s important because you may determine blogging isn’t for you. For those not very technically inclined hosted sites are ideal. They are very user friendly and are easy to understand how to use. With a hosted site you typically are able to type up your content and see how the published version will look before actually placing it on the blog. That’s known as WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get). Some of the pros of a non hosted site are: You have more control of certain aspects of the site such as how archived material is managed and control of your HTML and CSS codes. You also have control of your permalinks. This gives you the opportunity to choose the names of any posts and also gives you better management of search engine optimization. With some non hosted sites such as you’re able to take advantage of various plug ins. This means that you have better response capability to posted .ments and control over advertising on your site. Now for the cons. The general perception within the blogging .munity is that hosted sites tend to not look as professional as non hosted sites. This may not be that important to you and in fact some of the most successful blogs are housed on Blogger which is a hosted site. The platform has some limitations such as archiving is not as easy as it is with a non hosting site. Also some platforms have had issues with spam and SEO doesn’t seem to work as well with some hosted sites. In addition some may not allow advertising on the blog. With a non hosted site there are not as many cons. To enable you to make changes to the various templates you will probably need to have some experience with HTML and CSS. This just isn’t some people’s cup of tea. About the Author: By: yahoosupportaustralia – Have you lost your Yahoo mail password or want to recover it as fast as possible, so just call Yahoo Support in Australia. A Toll free phone no. +61-02-42048039 … By: Mark Well – Clash of clans hack is now a days most popular and addicted online application supporting all android devices as well as iPhone and iPads. This game is developed by Su … By: Luna – Self-service terminal equipment is generally .posed by a man-machine interface, operated by the user according to the device prompts. Such as bank ATM machines, subw … By: Jones Zeta – El siguiente artculo est escrito para proporcionar informacin detallada sobre el sitio web en lnea confiable donde puedes jugar tus juegos favoritos de dlare … By: Sonu Parashar – In this article we will discuss the top 4 reasons to choose WordPress Website for Small Business. Lets jump in! By: Sonu Parashar – Android is a giant platform possessing raw power of Google. In this article well talk more about the things and knowledge concerned with Android App Development Ind … By: Muhammad Nazirul Rosni – Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. A lot of us need to work in order to survive and live a decent life. While there are a lot of tricks to get ri … By: Robert Paul – We all love the new, clean smell of newly washed linen that has been carefully washed, dried, pressed and folded. But a few of us have the time and energy to deliver t … By: smartweb – We provide online java training & certification at an affordable price. Java certification course content is designed by working java professionals. Call now @+91-9966 … By: damdamalakegurgaon.. – Leaving a remark on an online journal is more than only a strategy to convey to a blogger around a post. Remarking is a strategy that you can make utilization of to su … 相关的主题文章: