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The ecological mode of American landing, blindfolded running LETV can break through the thorn – Sohu automobile LeSEE Pro new concept car $399. When the music Pro3 mobile phone prices appear on the big screen, a golden hair, a slightly fat American girl mouth became O. She crossed the front of the audience, raised her iPhone, pressed the shutter, and posted it on her Facebook. A local Chinese friend told reporters in the United States, similar to the configuration of the mobile phone price will not be less than $600. America plays, seven ecological took turns singing local time the morning of October 19th, LETV held a grand press conference in San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts. Called its grand, first reflected in the number of participants. According to statistics, the United States and the United States as part of the press conference to participate in the press and the total number of guests more than 1400 people. Among them, the Chinese media reporters accounted for more than 300 people. So that when the arrangements for the trip, when the music was once considered the whole package for domestic reporters. In addition, the general class 3C product launches will only be one or two new products. This is called "breaking the circle of anti sharing ecological world" conference include uMAX85, X43 Pro and other four TVs, Le Pro3 two super third generation mobile phone, the LeSEE Pro concept car, LETV super sports bike, LETV VR, LeMall mall, EcoPass ecological services…… If, in a word, it is the intention of music at home with the original conference mode, seven sub ecological thoughts landing at the other end of the pacific. LeEco founder and chairman Jia Yueting LETV and super car co-founder, global vice chairman Ding Lei LeSEE Pro unveiled in the audience for this sound exciting, even a little crazy idea to applaud, in one episode of A. In accordance with the original plan, responsible person turns speech in music as television, mobile phone, bicycles and other plates, the LeSEE Pro finale debut super cars should be from the other end of the T’s moving towards the stage. However, with the stage on both sides of the smoke out of the special effects, running out of the music is holding CEO Jia Yueting. Jia Yueting said, LeSEE Pro concept car, a total of two, one is shooting in London, "Transformers", the other will be driven into the scene with the automatic mode of the 5. Unfortunately, the preparation of the LeSEE Pro in the course of transportation suffered a car accident, the container was destroyed. As a result, the music as an emergency call in London that car. Unfortunately, flight delays, the car also failed to catch on the link. "We have exhausted the power, through a 48 hour global relay. It seems that we really want to fully research and development and manufacture of the vertical take-off and landing of the Internet electric aircraft, so that he will be able to land directly to our conference site." Even in the face of such incidents, Jia Yueting still does not neglect love story character. LeSE.相关的主题文章: