The risk events hedging needs large data show that gold bulls have the upper

The risk events hedging needs large data show that gold bulls have the upper hand Sina foundation exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Newspaper reporter Li Shuo Beijing reported after the G20 meeting, the Fed rate hike is expected to delay and frequent risk events, is to let the precious metals investment opportunities to return to the market view. Twenty-first Century economic report reporter the day before from a number of precious metals investment department learned that the precious metals trading after the Mid Autumn Festival presents long gradually prevail trend. According to a NetEase estimates of precious metals big data platform investment sentiment index, the recent market sentiment is mainly to see more than 73% users, bullish on gold, 52% of them tend to do more operations. NetEase of precious metal big data platform is composed of the first domestic Internet Precious metals trading platform launched, based on its active users over one million, the sentiment index represents the choice of the market to a certain extent. It seems people in the market, the dollar interest rate hike postponed to become one of the reasons for the short gold bulls prevail, and on the other hand, the Democratic candidate Hilary health is not optimistic, North America recent bombings and other risk events also further encourage the influx of funds into the gold hedge. However, only from the price point of view, bull market sentiment has not had a significant impact on the price of gold. At 15:30 on September 21st, the dollar price of gold to $1320 an ounce, as early as in the first month the highest gold once more than $1350 an ounce; but a number of risk events and changes in the current Fed rate hike expectations, investment is the logic of gold and other precious metals assets change. Many hedge event fermentation as of September 21st 16, the dollar price of gold has been picked up for two consecutive days, which were in September 20th, 21, has reached 0.31%, up 0.11%; but from September 7th to September 16th, the price of gold dollar has been falling for the eight consecutive trading days, the cumulative decline of 3.23%. In the analysts, the price of gold to fall in prices, and the Fed rate hike is expected to change, and the later Washington bombings, Hilary health election events. The explosion of the U.S. bombings and elections, is prompting the emergence of hedge funds, so the price of gold and other precious metals constitute a short-term support." Shenzhen is a medium-sized brokerage non-ferrous metals industry analyst pointed out that "G20 and economic data once the Fed rate hike is expected to heat up, but the short-term interest rate is expected to decline, while the market more to the time window hike to the end." In fact, some of the domestic precious metals trading intermediary data also reflects the recent risk aversion changes to the gold market in the long and short of. NetEase precious metals platform data from the point of view, there have been substantial fluctuations in the transaction. Data show that the platform users in a single day to buy the amount of last week rose an average of 16%, and had to Qingcang short positions, investors began to do more than before the opening, the position of相关的主题文章: