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"The source of sickness" 3 minutes to teach you to extend the life of the car! Sohu – car 7 day National Day holidays, many riders ready to travel by car. The car master also wish friends happy holidays, safety and accessibility. If you encounter any car problems, you can find the car master WeChat, the first time for you to answer. Since it is a happy day, we also bring benefits to the partners. Some time ago the master is the friends a comprehensive explanation of the oil issue, riders reacted strongly. Many riders worry deceived or buy fake oil, hope we can explain some harm how to distinguish fake fake oil and oil. The master has done so a period of oil on the article, teach you how to distinguish between true and false oil? How to choose oil, how to buy genuine oil? What are the hazards of fake oil? Poor lubrication effect, increased wear, increased fuel consumption cooling efficiency, reduce engine life, sludge carbon emissions increase, serious excessive oil consumption of engine parts corrosion oil how to distinguish between true and false? 1 see packaging appearance really oil packaging workmanship is very neat, the sealing cover is disposable packing box lid, and bright colors, and packaging of fake oil and rough dark. In addition, a lot of really oil gap sealing foil, special mark will be above the corresponding manufacturers, in the purchase of oil must be carefully check. Famous oil to prevent counterfeiting, label, tank bottom, tank cover, handle inconspicuous place has special mark, if criminals custom packaging fraud, as long as the true contrast the two packaging can be resolved. (generally imported oil drums manufacturing exquisite pattern code edge clear, neat, no leakage and color overlap, or fake) 2 to observe the appearance is the first look at the color, at room temperature, oil color than genuine fake a lot of deep oil. True color light transparent, no impurities, no suspension, no deposit, good liquidity sloshing. False oil or oil deep, or impurity precipitates, or strong irritant, less liquid sloshing, or touch a drawing phenomenon. Domestic genuine bulk oil for the light blue, with bright luster. Imported oil color is golden yellow with blue, transparent crystal. 3 see prices hit some of the stores reputation is genuine oil, or oil to see online shopping commentary that is genuine, but if the price and the other is too wide, the owners should be careful. 4 see oil smell, feel really tasteless, the fragrance is crystal wax; false oil rich irritation. The same viscosity grade of oil under normal temperature, low viscosity and feel; inferior oil, feel is sticky, and false oil touch a drawing phenomenon. The official authentication 5 manufacturers many regular oil manufacturers will provide a variety of authentication methods, such as security labels, anti fake two-dimensional code, serial number, special logo, official website, customer service phone, SMS verification etc.. You try to use a little dessert, but also to avoid the possibility of buying fake oil. 6, the use of experience in a variety of methods have been tried later, if there is no problem, the system相关的主题文章: