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The three most common complications of sugar friends are what you want to know! Sohu – health experts Dai Hong Beijing Hospital chief physician Department of Nephrology Beijing Hospital chief physician Mao Yonghui Zhigang Zhao national key specialty of endocrine academic leaders three film songs and Korean superstar Rain, served as the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games Closing Ceremony guests. Rain mother in the early days of suffering from diabetes, due to poor family without money to turn into complications, left the world. This has become the king forever pain. Diabetes is not well controlled blood sugar, it is easy to cause complications, it can lead to more than 100 kinds of complications, is currently known as the most complications of a disease. In about 10 years after the onset, it will allow about 30% to 40% of patients can not escape at least a complication of doom. The following Xiaobian take you to look at the three most prone to sugar friends. 13 of the sugar Club retinopathy in 1 eyes, hemorrhage carefully according to the statistics, in Chinese adults one in 10 diabetes mellitus, which is associated with diabetic retinopathy in 13 patients with diabetes, and diabetic retinopathy in these patients and 13 patients with risk of blindness, about 12 million people. Diabetic ophthalmopathy well-known experts in the field of Ophthalmology Beijing Hospital director Dai Hong said that diabetic retinopathy is a long process of development, is an early manifestation of microaneurysms, fundus hemorrhage, cotton wool spots and other symptoms, visual acuity has no effect, no special treatment. 2, to regularly check the fundus in patients with diabetes must regularly check the fundus, close observation of the further development of fundus lesions, but also should control the blood pressure, blood lipid, blood glucose, slowing the progression of diabetic retinopathy, to disease on the brakes. 3, anti VEGF drugs combined with laser therapy is popular if diabetic retinopathy to the advanced stage, at present, the more popular treatment is laser therapy. Dai director, laser treatment must grasp the opportunity, if not properly treated, there will be some complications. Now the new treatment plan, with anti VEGF drugs combined with laser therapy are being promoted in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy is not only slow, but also can reverse the diabetic retinopathy, retinal injury, maintain visual function. Although this combination therapy is not yet mature, the specific treatment plan still needs to be discussed, but the prospect is broad, it is worth looking forward to. The worst is the most common nerve pain 1, limb numbness, tingling of diabetic neuropathy is one of the most common complications incidence of diabetes complications, including peripheral neuropathy and central neuropathy, one of the most common symptoms of diabetic neuropathic pain. "Diabetes pain syndrome is very painful, it mainly affects the limbs, the lower limbs and feet, onset is insidious, after a certain time the patients will gradually appear abnormal bilateral symmetry of acral feeling. Mainly for the numbness Lin相关的主题文章: