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Home-and-Family Up front they now have Cole Aldrich moving into the lineup. Chauncey Billups — Not that the veteran point guard is looking to leave his hometown. It’s just not as simple as having the ATM spit out a fortune to everyone who is next in line. There are going to be times in the development of the Thunder as a small-market contender when some of the decisions will have to be made with an eye on the bottom line and this is one.Jason Thompson — He’s everything you might want in a young big man — 12.5 points and 8.5 rebounds a game last season — and that would seem to be a reason you’d want to make him part of the foundation on a team that’s building over. But if he’s not getting through by midseason, there is every reason to think that the Sixers would turn the future over to No. Now he’s just expensive, scheduled to make close to $18 million in the last year of his contract. But the long-term biggest concern is getting Deron Williams to make a .mitment to Utah when his option .es up in two herman miller seasons. The Jazz recovered shrewdly from Carlos Boozer’s free agent departure to Chicago by reeling in Al Jefferson to anchor the front line. They’ve been waiting on the gifted slasher and scorer for air max 90 six seasons now to act like the top dog, but he’s shown more occasional bark than consistent bite. Patience is not usually a Philly virtue.Oklahoma City just signed Durant to a new deal that will cost — and be worth — every cent of $85 million and they’ve got Westbrook standing in line waiting for his payday. Now it’s new coach Doug Collins’ job to turn the key and unlock what is still unfulfilled potential. But it could simply be a move that makes sense if the front office isn’t able to get nike air max 2010 Carmelo Anthony to agree to terms on a contract extension. It’s the usual one-word answer: money.Andre Iguodala — Maybe his time spent this summer with the U.S. team at the FIBA World Championship will give Iguodala the experience and the confidence to return to Philadelphia and finally drag the Sixers to the next level. Kirilenko is as useful as a Swiss Army knife at both ends of the floor, but he’s never going to be more than a third or fourth option with the Jazz, who are stuck in the middle of the Western Conference pack. His skills could help a would-be playoff team on the bubble office furniture chicago or solidify an elite team that’s already a contender. But it’s also about the unusual and the unknown. Green would naturally be a small forward on most teams, but that’s the domain of the out-of-this-world Durant. J.R. Except that in just over six months, the Kings have traded for Carl Landry and Samuel Dalembert and drafted DeMarcus Cousins, making for an awfully crowded frontline. 2 draft pick Evan Turner, who plays the same position, and send Iggy off to bloom in another location. With labor unrest playing the background music and a lockout looming next July that has the potential to put the league on the shelf for quite nike air max 2009 some time, there are a lot of teams that might be willing to make bold moves before the landscape of the league changes dramatically under the rules of a new collective bargaining agreement.Andrei Kirilenko — AK-47 seems to have pulled out of the funk that made him an expensive nuisance for a couple of seasons. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: