The United States House of representatives report Mengpi whistleblower Snowden diqua

The US House of representatives report Mengpi "ACLU whistleblower Snowden praised Snowden as" a great American, deserve forgiveness for their patriotic behavior". After a long silence of the information picture, prism monitoring project exposure, former U.S. defense contractor employee Edward · Snowden recently returned to the public eye. 15, the United States House of Representatives intelligence committee released a report, Mengpi Snowden is not "principled whistleblower", his behavior seriously endanger the safety of American soldiers and civilians. 1 days ago, two human rights groups had just filed a petition to U.S. President Barack ·, calling on him to pardon Mr Snowden before the end of his term". 16, U.S. director Oliver · Stone’s new film, "the upcoming release of" Snowden. "Disgruntled employee" in 2013, Snowden revealed the U.S. National Security Agency prism monitoring project of secret documents to the media exposure, the U.S. security department "to monitor the activities of large-scale 9· after 11, after he had been living in russia. 15 public brief report is the United States House of Representatives intelligence committee completed two years of investigation, a summary of the top 36 pages of the top secret report. The investigation was carried out by Democrats and Republicans in the United States in an attempt to find out how Snowden had access to classified documents, documents, and the dangers of national security. The report pointed out that Snowden is a self proclaimed "whistleblower", he from the National Security Bureau "stole 1 million 500 thousand copies of sensitive documents, most of the contents of the documents have nothing to do with the invasion of privacy, but included on the U.S. foreign hostile forces significant intelligence and defense information. The report said, although it is impossible to "full" judge Snowden caused a serious damage, but the House Intelligence Committee was found after assessment, "he put to protect American troops overseas and for terrorists and national defense plays a key role in the secret submissively". The report also contains a number of accusations that have never been disclosed for Snowden himself and his motives. According to the report, Snowden stole and exposure of confidential documents because he and his colleagues and superiors often occur holiday and resentment". In addition, the report said Snowden has been exaggerated, make up his own experience: stop to the United States Army training is not because the legs fracture, but because of the anterior tibial pain to be eliminated; in working for the CIA, or "senior adviser", which is a primary computer technician; he even never won the equivalent of high school graduation diploma. "No frills twist" in response, Snowden on twitter posting said the report is the fact that the "no frills" distortion ", if not involved in this serious acts of dishonesty, the (report) pretty funny". After the prism project exposure, the U.S. government announced the arrest of Snowden, and to prosecute 3 felony charges against him. Under US law, Snowden faces up to 30 years in prison. 14, including the American Civil Liberties Union, including the two human rights organizations jointly launched a petition to appeal.相关的主题文章: