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Babies-Toddler There is no particular way for potty training . You have to know some facts before imparting such training to your kids. Generally some kids take the training very easily at an early age. Some take few more time to learn the bathroom habits properly. You have to very patience to teach such late learners. To make the training more attractive you should give the training in fun filled way. This way you can easily the draw the attention of your kid very easily regarding such training. Always try to show them different bathroom habits necessary in daily life. To make the potty training more interesting you can use colorful potty chairs that have cartoons figures drawn on them or show them videos and pictures of other kids taking the training. The seats of the toilet should be .fortable for any kids. This will give more encouragement to your child to learn the basics of such training. Look when your child is showing eagerness to use the bathroom properly, only then you can be sure that it is the time when you can start giving your child the proper training. You should praise them or even give them rewards to them for showing interest in learning such manners. You should remember that this kind of training is not very easy as you are dealing with an age group that know what is right and wrong. You can start giving your child such training when he or she is at least a year old. Never ignore the process. This process will not only help your child to learn about bathroom manners but also keep them in good health. You can learn about potty training in different books and journals. You can even consult with your general physician or with a professional pediatrician to learn more about the process in details. You can browse through different websites regarding such process to learn about such training. You will find a lot of e-books and e-journals which will guide you through different steps of potty training. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: