This is the new network Bao black Bao Zheng an inexperienced youth image in the drama department

This is the "black Bao Zheng Bao" an inexperienced youth drama department image – Beijing "long Tu in kaifengfu meditation, a statue of emperor’s son-in-law listening intently." Bao, a black, crescent forehead, thousands of years of clean and honest image of the people. This is in the play, not only is not true Baogong cop, but is a graceful bearing, a benevolent and kind countenance of an inexperienced youth. That a black BaoQingTian became an inexperienced youth why? The day before the evening news Association, Chinese culture branch and the Hefei evening news agency invited forty national evening news reporters gathered in Hefei, with the above questions, the reporter walked into the Hefei native place Bao found the answer. The history of Baogong from black records is probably the "city government" of the head is too big, many people think that Bao Zheng is a native, in fact, Bao Zheng is the Northern Song Dynasty Luzhou Hefei, where there is now Feidong County of Hefei city. His life, his house, and his tomb are all on the land of Feidong. Bao is a big cop in the drama, there is no handsome at all, his characters are dramatic, life is a story, but the face is thousands of years of incorrupt and upright "read, in his body entrusted with the aspirations of the people from generation to generation. In Feidong such a clean and simple folk traditional places, is how to nurture the clarity of the character and integrity of the blood? The trains went straight to Feidong, the heart can not help but curiosity and anticipation, in such a scenery of the land will be what kind of surprise. "Clean gene is hidden in the depths of the history of luzhou. In the package Park in Hefei, we see the convergence of history and modernity. The modern metropolis wrapped package park green shade, although now park is the education base, the tourists around the country in a continuous line, but in the "moon hall", a local friend said that "Bao when playing in here", or feel like time travel, history pumianerlai. Bao Zheng is a child here "play", how to become the big black Bao, Bao Qingtian, long Tu. Package park is the key cultural relics protection units built to commemorate Bao Zheng, with buildings, statues and other art forms including "Qingfenggaojie" life reproduction. Into the garden of the memorial temple, you can see the color is mans cold "," bright Fengqing "and" Luyang spirit "and many officials and men of literature and writing plaque and couplets writing. During the period of the Taiping revolution memorial Temple destroyed by the flames of war, the memorial temple, is the same as Hefei’s Li Hongzhang in 1882 money to rebuild, and write down the "package" of the Xiaosu Temple rebuilt inscriptions, now this monument to enjoy the hall of the main hall on the left. Thus, no matter which dynasty which, on Baogong spirit quality are admired and respected. Baogong hold column engraved with a pair of antithetical couplet: "where shall we work with a backbone; Mr. Ye portrait, such as the three generation of typical pro." Bao statue is eight feet tall and bronzed, frowning head. Like the left Bao wood platform placed three copper cutting: cutting and cutting head, leading the tiger. But in fact, "energy-saving" but is the fictional story of dramatists. Although the image of black crescent Bao Bao temple in even woman and children all know, but, like there was no Bao seated this moment.相关的主题文章: