This year the new corn market price or xianyanghouyi!

This year the new corn market price or xianyanghouyi! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Last week, domestic corn auction data show that credit points also corn temporary storage auction 5 million 970 thousand tons, turnover of 1 million 150 thousand tons, a rate of 19.31%, up 4.1 percentage points over the previous period, turnover of the situation began to turn for the better, and the turnover rate of corn orientation auction is also a breakthrough, the quality is not temporary storage auction of maize, but the orientation of maize 1 million 970 thousand tons, turnover 150 thousand tons, turnover rate of 7.38%, an increase of 6.45 percentage points compared with last week, turnover rebound is mainly due to lower demand for inventory gap amplification. Due to the directional corn nearly a month in North China auction is weak, enterprise volume decrease, while the credit points also temporary storage of corn auction mainly in Northeast China on the northeast to the north, the policy of grain transport plus freight, price natural high, coupled with the recent transportation way back to the rise in the cost of shipping enterprises rose, North China in the few situations, had to raise the purchase price. The spot price of corn, Shandong Ltd. corn price out 1.005 yuan catty, Shandong Shouguang Juneng Golden Corn Development Co., corn price 0.975 yuan a pound of execution, the execution price of 1950 yuan tons of Shouguang, Xinfeng starch latest offer 1980 yuan per ton, Zhucheng up-trade new corn price 1940 yuan per ton, bidding zhangdiehuxian began this week, but the overall price is relatively high, is expected to continue to rise in the little possibility of late, the new corn price listed and the difference between the repression of corn price decline. That is reflected in the domestic corn futures, even the price of corn will be how to interpret? How to grasp the rhythm of the market? Specific analysis is as follows: the typhoon will be facing the impact of maize lodging by Typhoon No. tenth "Lion Rock", from August 29th to September 2nd, Northeast China, East Central Inner Mongolia have moderate to heavy rain, heavy rain in some areas, southeastern Heilongjiang, Northeastern Jilin local heavy rain, strong convective weather and the local accompanied by short-time strong precipitation, thunderstorms, including Northeast China, Eastern Inner Mongolia, Eastern Shandong Peninsula has 5 ~ 7 wind gusts to 8 ~ 10 grade. Although conducive to increased soil moisture and precipitation of agricultural water in Heilongjiang area, southwestern, Western and Eastern Inner Mongolia of Jilin drought will be effectively alleviated, but the strong wind and rain caused by corn lodging, crop filling and ripening. After the August 29th contract rose more than 01 corn market speculation about the weather, but the size of the effect still need to see after the typhoon crop growth situation, if the lodging phenomenon is not obvious, the possibility of new high maize yield this year is larger, but the new grain market before the weather tracking is essential. The new corn market price xianyanghouyi or cancel the acquisition of temporary storage of corn this year, the price of losing support, the market generally expected pessimistic market outlook, China, even the 01 corn contract in the low volatility has been maintained, but low on相关的主题文章: