Two beauty squeezed Sheenah presided over the face, too… (video)

Two beauty squeezed Sheenah presided over the face, too… Some time ago, Sheenah was a scraper, in a variety of network, Sheenah admits that at the Hunan satellite TV has been the role of green leaves. Many of the work of the host are their own efforts to win over. In the past two years, in addition to fixed in happy camp presided over, more is to participate in Hunan TV variety show. The host of the big party, there is no shadow of her. No old people, there will be a new. Hunan satellite TV has been slowly training a new host, a variety of resources began to throw out some new olive branch. Shen Mengchen and Lee are among the most eye-catching. Shen Mengchen and Lee is also the son of Hunan, Hunan, the same is to participate in the local talent show to enter the Hunan satellite TV, also has a shocking history of the United states. The same two people, then who will be the successor of Sheenah? Shen Mengchen previously participated in many TV shows, once with cousin Liu Wen also together through T Taiwan, budweiser. However, today, two personal status and reputation as early as cannot be mention in the same breath. The real splash game, or "star sister" in 2008 Shen Mengchen beauty, she and her roommate together won the championship… Besides, she also took the "healthy body" and "the most photogenic award". After the stay in Hunan Taiwan entertainment channel, with both girls out of the star beauty pageant, composed of a group of beauty chair, began to applaud the woman, later renamed V-lady. Mix a few years, the opportunity finally came, Shen Mengchen got the "I’m a singer" broker’s opportunity, then the first star is Terry Lin! Bel ray and hotty brokers in the show personal dance, passion, then came the scandal. Bea Hayden: how is the magic of narcissism may have to face package online wit Hunan satellite TV will pass to show manufacturing topics figures, after every season with the singer Chen Shen dream. It is a strong male singer. Note that is in the last season, Shen Mengchen hung, in addition with the singer is veteran Li Jian, two people in the show a variety of interactive shuabao, there are many wonderful programs such as lace news, gossip with Du Haitao. At that time, a variety of two people suspected of online evidence together, with the same banana pajamas, hand in the same frame. Now look. This is not a fucking shot put what? Clothing collocation is street standard, just the right angle is also in place, to see the faces of the two, can be seen holding hands. In the case of plug-in is blessing, Shen Mengchen beat out read several seasons of advertisement Zhao Liang Zi, as "I am a singer" summit will host. Overnight fame, hundreds of thousands of fans increased. After all, whether it is online or television programs have her shadow. However, the public impression of Shen Mengchen is not a moderator, but a small figure will p expert. Make a name for it. A girl called 169, and a height of 178 supermodels, as high as. From time to time also out of the door was p askew, knees were p paste photos.相关的主题文章: