Two girls play show the success of the rescue drowning Doctor Zhang regardless of personal danger (v-unfccc

Two girls play show the success of the rescue drowning Doctor Zhang Zhang regardless of personal danger and drowning girl family photo (left two, right two Xu Guoling) original title: two girls play drowning Doctor Zhang Zhan regardless of personal danger successfully rescue Huaihua news network "thank you for saving." In October 7th, two men entered the first people’s Hospital of Huaihua sent a banner. Originally, the National Day second days, the hospital doctor Zhang Zhan and nurse Xu Guoling and the two girls fell into one family visit in Longhui. The National Day holiday second days, October 2nd 10 pm, first people’s Hospital Intensive Medicine Doctor Zhang Zhan in Huaihua city with his family came to Longhui County of Shaoyang City, Wang Xi waterfalls, visiting to return, suddenly someone shouted "someone out of the water!" Zhang Zhan’s wife Xu Guoling looked back, there are two more than and 10 year old girl saw deep pools under the waterfall, someone hands up, head back into the water, struggling in hard, one has been flooding over the head. Critical moment, Xu Guoling shouted, her husband came to save". Zhang Zhan opens the crowd, do not hesitate to take off the coat immediately jumped into the water, lake water is icy, unfathomable, and a waterfall swimming for people not good control. Zhang Zhanyou went to the girl and pulled a girl’s arm. Two girls holding hands, he a man dragged two girls slowly to the water and swam to the shore, they all two girls carried ashore, as the hospital ICU Doctor Zhang Zhan, severe nature is his strength, after outdoor cardiopulmonary resuscitation in a series of timely rescue measures, two the girl was gradually turned clear. Zhang Zhan recalled later, "because at that time too quickly, jumped the water splashing on the lens, it is difficult to see around, only Pingganjiao found two children in the direction to go after his foot to pull, they would not force, the body can not walk, when the heart is not the end, too very afraid." He has scared the side of his wife hands trembling, Xu Guoling said: "the whole process of nervous and scared, and although he is only ten meters apart, but it seems so far away, for fear of any accident, my tears coming! But my husband comforted me that he is a doctor, is about saving people, this is nothing! The same as medical workers first people’s Hospital of Huaihua City, I don’t like my husband." Later learned that the two girls are from Mayang, were enrolled in junior high school and high school, national day and relatives and friends to travel together, sister fell into the water, the younger sister to jump to save, and relatives and friends do not have a swim. Director of critical care medicine, the first hospital of Huaihua Jiang Zhaoyang told reporters, "to send a banner at the same time, the family gave the drowning girl red, Dr. Zhang couples can not afford to retire, we put me here, I will be sent to the hospital or go to Party discipline. When the family came to the hospital in October 14th, the hospital back to them." (reporter correspondent Mi Cuizhen Zhou Yunzhen) video recommendation: the doctor had just been injured by a drunk to hear the patient for help in spite of his injuries rescue相关的主题文章: