Tzu Chi’s message Nanjing University aspiring green shade demonophobia

Message: green shade Tzu Chi Nanjing Normal University aspiring volunteer Wang Xiyin courses to "cherish the earth, peace and happiness" as the theme, to encourage students to do love our earth. (source: Tzu Chi Foundation Photography: Lin Xuan) "these things, is discarded garbage recycling resources! Garbage can become gold, gold can become love." Tzu Chi volunteers say the words of Wang Xiyin, the classmates all stare big eyes to listen carefully.   October 25th, Tzu Chi volunteers came to Nanjing Normal University, more than twenty students as the "School of environment shade Youth Volunteer Association", advocating a good environmental protection course. The course let students strengthen the concept of environmental protection, environmental protection and understand the significance, classification society environmental protection implementation method for the next garbage ready to work on the campus. To convey the concept of environmental protection environmental protection cultivation seed Wang Xiyin to "cherish the earth, peace and happiness" as the theme, to encourage the students: "you this volunteer groups, although many people, groups little, but they are the seeds of environmental protection." She was from the earth’s status of human behavior effects of climate change and environmental degradation, and that everyone should act responsibility. Before class, the classroom next to the trash from Wang Xiyin, found by students discarded cartons, bottles, Tetra Pak, plastic bags, the baby became a vivid props class. At this time the students stare big eyes, understand the urgent need for resource recovery. Wang Xiyin asked: "today, the students heard, know, but to be able to encounter difficulties, you can always adhere to do environmental protection?" The students answered in chorus: "!" From Henan Gushi County high school Tzu Chi Ling Ho (right) to invite more students together to participate in environmental protection activities. (source: Tzu Chi Foundation Photography: Lin Xuan) "do the recycling, one thing seems so simple, but it is by actually doing, to understand the meaning in upgrading their idea and behavior, will eventually find themselves are the biggest beneficiaries." To advocate course Li Fan is a senior student of Nanjing Normal University, with Tzu Chi’s youth volunteers, in addition to the students brought "a book" coexisting with earth, but also for the younger students sent a blessing words. Start the environmental protection of the family has a new force of two hours of young interactive curriculum, so that students benefit. Students have expressed enthusiasm to do environmental protection. Finally, "green youth volunteer association secretary Yao Yuan told students, 33 floor dormitory area to carry out the preparatory work for the environmental classification. The students in the preparatory work, also put forward the encountered problems in the investigation and implementation of volunteers; aiming at the problem of answer and solve. Starting next week, the classification of environmentally friendly waste is about to start, the environmental protection of the family, with a new force of youth. The students with pure enthusiasm, let the volunteers see hope. Sit under the Linghao students found that advocate course is organized by volunteers, he said: "you are the Tzu Chi volunteers? I was in Henan Gushi County, Tzu Chi high school students. Today a great harvest, when Tzu Chi volunteers feel particularly warm, will have the opportunity, let Gushiciji high school to the Nanjing university students to participate in activities."相关的主题文章: