U.S. presidential election dust settles the Canadian immigration website was crushed www.xici.net

The United States presidential election dust settled Immigration Canada website collapse collapse pushed Immigration Canada Phoenix technology news site in Beijing on November 9th news, according to foreign media reports, this year’s US presidential election is really a drama, with Trump who is more and more high, from the White House in only one step, the Internet also launched a huge wave. Users found that weekdays can be a normal visit to the Canadian immigration website has collapsed, I am afraid that the flow is too large. Meanwhile, according to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported that the U.S. Internet users to search for immigrants, the frequency of this keyword surge, and Google search on how to emigrate to Canada, the number of entries increased by 350%. "The search frequency surge how Canada entry may all this is a coincidence, but also to the drama to add seasoning. (compile Lv Jiahui) want to see more interesting and new technology news abroad? That is to scan code concern outside the Language Society (micro signal: ifengwys) official WeChat bar.相关的主题文章: