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Up posture | easily get high force Western-style food collection use knife and fork! Sohu and today Xiaoya’s friends Tucao said last night they went to a company dinner, straight, forced high 24K pure western restaurant. The friend also boasted a man of the world, is not easy to choose such big local companies ready to roll up his sleeves, the face is like a scene like this? Ya friends who is not in a few, large and small Western-style food eaten a lot, met so serious a still face Meng force, but then again out of the restaurant to the next alley string line too late. Today is to whether it is unexpected, or deliberately for you, talk about the most basic rule of traditional Western-style food fork, senior seemingly pay attention to many, but in fact, as long as the master of these three skills, you can get on line, take a knife and fork"! The number of drops of tableware tableware is so put the knife and fork should be equal to the number of road and food, general restaurant tableware standard is three, with knife and fork the order according to the order of the dishes from the outside in use. The order is generally served: appetizer (appetizer), soup, vegetables (no point), main course, dessert. All forks and spoons are placed upwards, blade part all to place (you trust, certainly not for your personal safety.). Knife and fork is so used to drop the right fork knife is the most basic principle of Western food (left handed to change their own). There are some specific details (with the wonders): meat with large serrated knife and fork size; eat salad, dessert or some appetizers, usually with a small spoon and fork; soup, with the head, left the butter knife, specifically for bread spread with nothing to cut meat with the. In addition, eat with a knife and fork, unless with the eyes of the steak there, otherwise it will not end up like posture. Can be fixed with the steak fork, knife down, completely separate the steak, this feeling carefree ah (I cut, cut, I have no patience, or chopsticks. ORZ). Although the above a trypophobia feeling, but after the click into place there! Leave in the middle should pay attention to grasp the above two points, happy happy meal, but to eat half a bathroom…… "Waiter, I didn’t finish it. How did you get it for me?"! I want to give you a bad review!" The waiter is a face Meng force, because you put the knife and fork into the lower left corner…… Long intermission, knife and fork separately in the shape of "eight", said to continue to eat; if you are eating well, will be on the same side of the knife and fork parallel plate, the waiter will take other tips; see above ~ now is not confidence going to the restaurant ready to eat Western-style food how can not succeed Wine.相关的主题文章: