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The Venice Film Festival jury Zhao Wei: China film " one is the " – Sohu entertainment   Zhao Wei served as Venice Film Festival jury;     Sohu entertainment news (SAM month Wen Li Nan Masson video map) local time on September 10th, the seventy-third Venice Film Festival closing. On the eve of the closing ceremony, the Chinese director Zhao Wei, who was invited to be the judge, gave a brief interview. For this year, there is no competition for any Chinese film competition, Zhao Wei is very open: it does not matter, not a lot of finalists. She expressed optimism that watching so many movies, but in the hearts of Chinese movies with them that the gap is not so great, the Chinese film, hard work can be.   Zhao Wei said he often saw twelve at night was originally holding to "see a movie, a holiday" mentality of Zhao Wei came to Venice, after the bombing of more than ten days every day at least three films, have been very tired, very tired shout "! I want to go back ". She revealed that they often have to see at twelve in the evening, but also often discuss with other judges to discuss, basically no free. Zhao Wei joked: "free labor to fully use it, I will know that is a very hard work later." Zhao Wei this time as a director was invited to serve as judges, talking about daily work, she felt fruitful. The Venice Film Festival jury varied from around the world to different directors, actors and musicians, such as documentary director can often chat together and collision, and Sam – Mendes, Lorenzo and other famous Vegas counterparts exchanges and cooperation, she consciously learned a lot of things. But for the film in the trial process will not be too boring film "sleep", Zhao Wei was laughing and saying, "we basically do not sleep, no, will not sleep, this is the secret between the judges." Zhao Wei said he has been very clear what the film may be added to the race however, this year’s Venice Film Festival is not a China film nominated, Zhao Wei seems to feel what I regret. "But it’s also a wake up to Chinese movies," Zhao Wei said. "We took a lot of commercial films on the market, and these films really don’t have much to do with the festival." When such a long time of the judges, Zhao Wei said he has been very clear what the film may be added to the race, however, the China film in terms of investment or market demand, have not yet made appear consistent with the film festival movie lovers or cater to the depth of the works. But she soon optimistic said: "to tell the truth, I see so many films, but the heart think the gap is not so terrible, in fact, does not mean that every work team is very mature, (China film) one can still!"相关的主题文章: