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UnCategorized I read Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard a while back. Excellent book, nice ideas for collecting leads. But I was almost instantly stuck. I had the book, which explained how to get free leads. I had the email and video training sequence. Then I realized I was missing something. The Missing Element Mike Dillard’s main focus in his book is that you can build an MLM lead gathering system, and end up getting all your leads for free if you do it right. I didn’t see any problem. But as I tried to do it, I found that although he explains how the machine works, he expected me to have the necessary skills to run the machine. His book has a great deal of information, but seriously, he can’t cover everything in one book. In reality, Dillard has written a good book that uncovers vast holes in mlm, and he fills most of them in so you can become successful. His system for getting leads takes some work, but can save you many many hours if you apply his ideas for building a system. To keep it short, Dillard says you can get traffic from any good source that will keep the visitors flowing. Then, send the people to pages that will encourage them to want to learn more from Mike and about his products. People sign up for his bootcamp or another email list, and then they will eventually buy one of his trainings, and you both profit. Beyond any profit, you get real leads. Are you Like Me? Then Look Out If you are like me, you may fail. I know, this doesn’t reflect well on me. Now I am not saying that I spent thousands or anything and have gone broke. The problem is that the how-to information doesn’t come with the book, and you are left to figure this out for yourself. I know some networking entrepreneurs have done well, like Ray Fong. Ray and his partner found a great way to sell and build a site, and they continue to thrive to this day. I just decided that I wanted to learn how to do it without paid traffic first, then I’ll try the paid kind. Traffic can be a serious problem. You can use SEO, pay-per-click, videos on Youtube, or a blog on Technorati, and many more ways to set up your own traffic sources. The point is that you need traffic coming to your sites for this to work. On my own, I have learned to create traffic without money, and I like knowing I can do it. Serious Skill Will Save The Day To do this right, you will need some reeducation. First, you need to keep learning. You will need to learn many skills to profit from Magnetic Sponsoring. While I can’t predict what you need to learn, I can tell you I had no idea how to build a website, get listed in a search engine, or get people to my site. You may need to learn how to use pay per click advertising, and how to keep those clicks cheap. Also, how to write your ads so that they pull but still fit into the required spaces. And you may need to learn how to use tracking software as well. I want to emphasize that I like Mike’s book. He did a great job. Since then, I have bought many more books and trainings, though. He didn’t mean to write the end all of mlm how-to’s. In the book, he suggests you keep learning. He even gives a quick run down of his most recent trainings. I read, for instance, Perry Marhsall’s Definitive Guide to Ad Words. Marshall put together a great book on how to use pay per click advertising to get traffic, and you should read it, too. Skills Take Time Taking advantage of Mike’s book could take some time. I have had to learn a great deal since I read it, and only now am I seeing some results. Granted, if I had used more money at the beginning, I might have seen results sooner. Sometimes money can substitute for skill or technology. In my case, I was impatient but went the skill route. Even now I see much more that I need to figure out to keep up and get ahead. Keep moving ahead yourself, and you’ll find you won’t have as many of those moments I mentioned above, where you find yourself missing something. And if you do, it’s probably skill. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: