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Where does Gao Hongbo’s old minister go? Fu Bohuo return to the club coach Fu Bo reporter reported that with the appearance of the team of the team, such as the original assistant coach, such as Fu Bo, and also with the end of the curtain with the, and so on, with the help of the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States. Although in 13 of the China football news conference Cai Zhenhua once said, "he asked him to resign his resignation in the evening Gao Hongbo, whether to leave the team," said high "team staff are very hard, I hope they can leave, but the most important is Lippi joined the right cabinet, not to have one Arabic translation telephone solicitation Li Tie, this has meant high collective team will bid farewell to the country foot. Earlier there was news shows, in second Gao Hongbo coached the national team, he intends to leave Fu Bo and Qu Chuliang, but the association to pay is not high, even after adjustment of salary is just paid assistant coach, Gao Hongbo to the football association leadership requirements come from 400 thousand of your salary, to two per person plus assistant 200 thousand of the salary, and the confidentiality of the football association. In this way, Fu Bo and Qu Chuliang’s contract should be tied together with coach Gao Hongbo, after the resignation of the Football Association announced the resignation of the, in fact, also means that the national team of the contract has been concluded two. About the future, the official did not specify in the national team to the Football Association after two people recently debriefing, is on vacation. In the future, the greater the possibility of Fu Bo return to the club, because the Super League has just ended, there is no exact intention. Although Gao Hongbo has not been able to play in the 4 games have played a better performance in the top 12, but Fu Bo and Qu Chuliang over the years at the national level pay is obvious. At the end of 2004, Qu Chuliang was hired as assistant coach Chinese Fa "08 Olympic Star team, has since been in the Guozihao sequence, has assisted krautzun, Du Yi, Gao Hongbo, Camacho, folado a, Perrin’s coach, when several feet are deep red, he’s training. The future does not rule out the district to continue to appear in the country name sequence, the Chinese Football Association in the Camacho era had thought adjustment zone guidance to the women’s football, but was left behind by the Camacho. He also taught at the Henan Jianye and Shanghai Shenhua, so even leave the country the name, don’t worry to find a home in the club. But Fu Bo is the national team in a period of time as the official Gao Hongbo assistant, also helped Camacho and Perrin, as the Olympic team coach he, although does not play well in the lead in the Olympic Busan Asian Games and the Asian Cup in Qatar U22, failed to break into the Rio Olympics, but finished second in the Camacho coached the National Football Cup played good results in East asia. Fu Boceng served as a teaching assistant in Liaoning Hongyun, may continue to work in the future at the club level. In short, about Fu Bo, Qu Chuliang two football assistant coach of the original next notice has received, but there is still no clear direction. And Fu Bo guidance from the national team after retiring and Gao Hongbo has been the same as stealth, Qu Chuliang guidance recently participated in a number of media talk show, hot country foot. When asked whether to the Football Association meeting, the district guidance smiled and asked: do you have? From the news of the Chinese football association.相关的主题文章: