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Why the payment and settlement legislation harsh boos? The sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Dong Zheng no matter how strict measures, much efforts, after all, is a kind of preventive measures, the most important thing is to improve self-protection awareness, not to be criminals succeed, master more pay preventive measures to protect their "wallet" and "pocketbook" is the best, and why these policies "boo"! When people celebrate the eleven holiday approaching, in September 29th the people’s Bank of Chinese held to strengthen the payment and settlement management, telecommunications network to prevent new crimes in the national television and telephone conference, in September 30th the central bank issued a "Circular on strengthening the payment and settlement management to prevent matters related to telecommunications network crimes" (New Silver 2016 No. 261). Designed to crack down on legislation, to combat the rampant proliferation of new telecommunications network crimes. Since October 2015 the State Council against illegal activities of telecom network governance model in the ministerial joint deployment to carry out special operations since the national telecommunications network, new high incidence of illegal momentum has not been fundamentally curbed, sustained serious harm to people’s property safety and legitimate rights and interests, undermine social integrity and social order, has become a major nuisance affecting current the safety of the masses and social harmony and stability. Throughout these years, telecommunications fraud seemingly pattern variety, especially since 2009, the continued high incidence of telecommunications fraud cases, criminals posing as telecommunications bureau, Public Security Bureau and other units of staff, the use of any significant number of software, VOIP phone technology, the victim to telephone arrears, he was stolen identity alleged economic crimes, the victim shall be confiscated all the banks the deposit of intimidation threat, or award need to pay tax, or a child or family were hospitalized, or need to express certificates and bank card receipt and so on as an excuse. But these means of fraud if a little serious judgment, in fact, is not difficult to identify, no matter what kind of excuse, the ultimate goal of only one, is to defraud the victim to transfer funds, but there are still a lot of people fooled. In the final analysis, the core of telecommunications fraud, is to pay". Liar fraud, not to deceive you, but by your verification information, through the payment of part of the money cheated. And the central bank’s new core essence, also is to strengthen the safety of the payment link. Therefore, the introduction of this notice, for ATM to transfer time into 24 hours, reducing non active bank accounts, third party payment account transfer limits the number of important initiatives, and build a "pay" line for consumers from the root. Of course, in which the transfer of ATM to others to extend to 24 hours to the account, but also to the issuing bank to apply for revocation of the transfer of the provisions, many netizens Tucao inconvenient". However, this measure is a specific stage, the specific circumstances to take targeted measures, but also for the next step to adjust the relevant policies for some testing. At this stage, the vast majority of young people are basically through mobile banking or third party payment platform for transfer, and some older people or more traditional users, they are相关的主题文章: