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Willber Pan led "do God" show the brotherhood of wacky self – Sohu Granville brothers entertainment funny entertainment news recently self understanding of Sohu, "come on, just do" program group drying out of a group of pictures from the picture, Jordan Chan, Babel, Willber Pan, Sun Jian, Duan Bowen, Xie Binbin six with frame strength sometimes, Yang shot his nostril. Sometimes laughed all the brotherhood, with no sense of violation and frame style, attracted netizens have joked: "this is to form a new generation of mainland ‘Day’ rhythm!." "Six men of God, are your brothers still missing?" Want to join!" It is reported that, come on, do it is the four quarter of the Hunan TV in the first quarter of a large structural style variety, the program into the integration of the 12 different themes, can be described as the most exciting in the history of a variety flash". In the program, six different style "gods" gathered in the "blood brothers", adhering to the "bold bold" spirit on a "dream trip" staged "Jedi sports" at the same time show Sommersby, brave to get rid of procrastination, "challenges" impossible". It is understood that the six in the recording process between jokes constantly, can be described as "art master" and "play", "funny" nature of the full liberation of ourselves. The six between no taboo topic, no words don’t talk, so that the staff envy can not help but sigh: "never thought between boys better than" bestie "more open!" After the test, to adventure, "six God" by "come on, just do" from the strange to the familiar, and without words communicated with each other, this rare tacit understanding. Then, brother of six new "team" can the mainland Qili break challenge? The crowd in the crazy "trials" and how to keep the precious friendship unchanged? This November, Jordan Chan led the new mainland "team" Hey turn the audience, we Be There Or Be Square!相关的主题文章: