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Winter gloves not only iPhone7 Home key press skin Awakening – Science and technology Sohu Sohu technology Wenwang Xue Ying new technology means that the new iPhone 7, this gives users a new requirement: buy a pair of gloves for capacitive touch. The reason to say so, all thanks to the iPhone 7 new Home key. In September 18th, according to foreign media sources said, iPhone 7 series of "no need to press" Home button has been sparked Tucao, however, in addition to widespread complaints about "feel good", it also brings a very thorny problem: wearing gloves, can’t use the Home key to carry out the operation. It is reported that the well-known radio Relay anchor Myke Hurley first pointed out the problem on the Twitter FM. In the course of the use of his discovery, as long as the material with a similar T-shirt covering iPhone 7 Home key, there is no link, can not click". This is to cancel the pressure perception of the Home key, it is tantamount to let the phone directly paralyzed". In this regard, a more reliable explanation is the iPhone 7 new Home key, its working principle and the working principle of the capacitive screen is very close to the need for direct contact with the user’s skin to feel the pressure. For old users a lot of iPhone, which seems to have become inured to the unusual time — the winter to take off his gloves to touch screen operation, or to buy a pair of gloves capacitance. IOS10 on the use of the Home bond has increased, and in the current situation, non dermal contact can not wake up the Home key, which is tantamount to the user to the user’s operating experience plus threshold.相关的主题文章: