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Xbox One S evaluation summary upgrade is smaller but still worth buying [global] Microsoft Xbox One S review: upgrade greatly but still worth buying Tencent digital news (Eskimo) in the generation of the war game, Microsoft’s Xbox One because many decision-making mistakes in the competition when in leeward. The upgraded version of Xbox One S in such a short time to release also showed that Microsoft wants to draw in the console war game, but whether this equipment limited upgrade is to be able to attract enough users to buy and upgrade? In this regard, the attitude of foreign media is not optimistic. Engadget there’s no reason to upgrade your existing Xbox One unless you have a TV monitor that supports 4K and HDR, or plans to buy in the future. Xbox One S can bring the only advantage is the improvement of memory space, but Xbox One now has a 2TB model, you can also replace the hard disk to expand the existing device storage space. Even so, Xbox One S also still has many remarkable places, especially when you have a support 4K resolution television. Xbox One S may not be very attractive now, but if you haven’t bought a 4K Blu ray player, it’s not going to let you down when it comes to playing this role. Xbox One S may not be much different from the Xbox One, but it is tailored for the future. The VergeXbox S almost corrected all the shortcomings of the original Xbox One body One. Its elegant design, moderate size, the price is very reasonable. You can still think of it as the center of the home entertainment system, but Microsoft seems to have no intention of forcing users to do so. It is now just a way to work close to the network box, the quality of the game is very good, you can use a series of applications to play online video. But in the core of the game features, it is also very good performance. If you have purchased the Xbox one, it may not be able to provide sufficient reasons for the upgrade. Taking into account the next Project Scorpio support for 4K games and virtual reality, wait until next year to upgrade may be a more sensible choice. In fact, regardless of whether you have Xbox One, next year’s new models are worth waiting for. Of course, the ultimate determinant of buying a game is the game itself. Xbox camp game is nothing more than the "gun ball" these major themes, so you should consider whether you like these types of games before buying. If you are interested in these games and have not purchased Xbox One, the Xbox One S is a better choice than the original. If you can’t wait to experience the 4K Blu ray, or to play the new TV features in HDR, the Xbox One S is also the best choice at the moment. TechRadarXbox One S is a smart upgrade for existing models.相关的主题文章: