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Xi Jinping junior high school teacher: can I back out of his 17 years ago, Chen Qiuying teacher network interview letter photo original title: an interview with Xi Jinping Chen Qiuying junior high school teacher: Faye transfer network teachers September 10th news (reporter Liu Ningzhe, Carlyle) "teacher is the most sacred occupation under the blue sky". Chen Qiuying, a famous writer of children’s literature, who has taught for many years in Beijing Bayi school, is a special and ordinary teacher in more than 15 million teachers in china. She loves each of her students, and is still respected by all walks of life. The reclusive her retirement through writing, children’s literary works, to convey the love education energy. She has five or six copies of the transparent folder, which contains her teacher for nearly 20 years, taught students in different periods of letters, one of which was from the then deputy secretary of the Fujian provincial Party committee Xi Jinping. 1960, Chen Qiuying graduated from the Chinese Department of Beijing Normal University, organized by the Beijing military region into the leadership of the Bayi school middle school, as junior high school language teachers. The autumn of 1965, the 12 year old Xi Jinping graduated from primary school to junior high school, the first grade four classes, taught Chinese courses in this class, it is just over 26 years old but has 5 years of teaching experience of the teacher Chen Qiuying. Years later, Xi Jinping is still able to clearly recall the scene when he gave lectures to the students. 1999, from the press to retire Chen Qiuying still pen stopped working, the creation of the new ten words of fairy tales finally officially published. Always thinking of his students Chen was thinking, must also exudes aromas of books donated to Xi Jinping, in the spirit of communication and exchange between teachers and students. Xi "teachers teach" they moved Book mailed soon after, when he was Deputy Secretary of Fujian provincial Party committee, acting governor Xi Jinping sent a reply. Chen: Hello! Letters received, thank you very much for your children’s literature, and the teacher after retirement is still hard to work hard not only feel admiration. Teachers teach is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, as Chairman Mao said that the elderly Xu Teli: you used to be my teacher, is my teacher, my teacher or the future. The teacher’s kindness I will never forget." This letter has been a lapse of 17 years, every word Chen Qiuying can recite it. In her view, Xi Jinping used the "teachers teach" the word is different from the common people, "respecting", a "King" a student of the teacher’s feelings, also revealed to the teachers expect. Chen Qiuying was invited to lecture to the teachers training class, teachers teaching quality and comprehensive training, when talking about the general secretary Xi Jinping’s "teachers teach" of the situation, the scene many teachers were moved to tears. May 30, 2014, two teachers and students meet again on campus. On the same day, Xi Jinping came to Haidian District to celebrate the national primary school, Children’s Day and children in all aspects of representatives to participate in the forum, he also specifically invited Chen, and introduced himself to the middle school teacher participants recalled, the teacher’s teaching style, his respect and love for teachers love shows between the lines. The presence of the people were deeply moved. Contact students often envy since Chen Qiuying moved to publishing system.相关的主题文章: