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ZOOMLION and Belarus MAZ group to build a joint venture – Beijing Beijing in August 30 Changsha Xinhua (reporter Deng Xia) in August 30th, headquartered in Changsha ZOOMLION disclosed that the company has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Belarus veteran manufacturing enterprises MAZ group, is the establishment of ZOOMLION -MAZ joint venture company. Local time on August 29th in Belarus, capital of Minsk at the signing ceremony, ZOOMLION chairman Zhan Chunxin and MAZ chairman Kaj Lynch will be a joint venture company ZOOMLION-MAZ brand automobile crane delivered to Belarus and Russia at the same time customers to deliver a 16 tons of road sweeping vehicles to the Belarus Municipal Bureau of Minsk, to help the local municipal sanitation construction. Russian customer representative scene said the trial of ZOOMLION-MAZ truck crane, they think this is the perfect combination of ZOOMLION and MAZ is mature selling chassis, products not only perfect performance, and in accordance with the local conditions and the use demand. Currently, ZOOMLION -MAZ joint venture is located in Mogilev Industrial Zone, will hire MAZ group’s special vehicle factory MTM production facilities for assembly and production. According to the plan, by 2019, after the completion of the completion of the ZOOMLION Industrial Park, the joint venture will be officially relocated to the white Industrial Park operations. It is understood that, in order to accelerate the implementation of the landing and white industrial park project, ZOOMLION last year settled in white Industrial Park, then working closely with the Ministry of industry of Belarus, the two sides have signed a strategic cooperation memorandum, the cooperation project in 2016 to promote the. Including: ZOOMLION products more localized production and assembly; the two sides continue to expand the production of cranes, concrete equipment and sanitation equipment cooperation, local procurement, and carry out the production of components and parts; at the same time, launched in Belarus and other enterprises, such as tower crane, agricultural machinery etc.. Statistics show that since May 2015, as the first Chinese enterprises settled in the white Industrial Park, ZOOMLION has been actively promoting cooperation with the localization of the MAZ group. Just seven months later, ZOOMLION and MAZ group of the first joint assembly equipment off the assembly line in Belarus, the first line of equipment including 40 ton truck crane, 60 ton truck crane and 16 tons of road sweeping vehicles, the brand named ZOOMLION-MAZ. This further promote the localization of ZOOMLION products, but also access to the Belarus government’s attention and support. In April this year, BMW exhibition in Germany, ZOOMLION-MAZ joint venture automobile crane ZTF600 unveiled ZOOMLION booth, the site of the practical demonstration, good equipment performance, exquisite design and manufacturing process of new VI coating has won the praise of customers. In June of this year, ZTF600 car crane and the appearance of the Russian CTT exhibition MAZ booth. ZOOMLION Belarus project leader, in 2016, ZOOMLION will continue to work closely with the MAZ group to promote the joint venture between the two sides when the相关的主题文章: